I want to say this to every man that has a mind, to all the intelligent life forms that exist on this planet Earth:

Providing the noble service of online advice is not a crime.

Advice is not a crime. But if you judge helping strangers as a crime, from a court room, then turn around. If two and three is five, then three and two is five. If you say that truth is a crime, then crime becomes your advice

I am, by all standards, a prisoner of advice. I have been a prisoner of war since 1944, in juvenile hall, for lending a comic book to my neighbor’s lemur, without written consent from the guy who drew the funny pictures. I’ve been locked up 45 years trying to figure out how I got to be a criminal. You’ve got to keep criminals, going to keep the war going, because that’s the economy. Your whole economy is based on war. You’ve got to get your dollar bills off the war, you got to take your silver markets sterling off the war. You’ve got to take your gold and your diamonds off the war.

If you accept you’re wrong, and you say you’re sorry for all the things you’ve done, then I’ll be a note in that chord, and maybe we can get some harmony going on this planet Earth now.

Brothers and sisters of this magnificent planet, send your questions and curiosities through the electric tunnel and let me share the impenetrable wisdom gained from my stay at this Helter Shelter. Kiss you mother, help your brother, cats are evil.

Incarcerated, But Not Impotent,



Ted Bundy was a poop butt.

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