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Edward Turner III has aspired to be a writer since before he was even interested in girls, damn weirdo. Even weirder, when he isn't writing, he is working at the most ridiculous places where they pray day in and day out that he will just leave. Some of his work has been published in Microhorror, The Absent Willow Review, and The Florence Recorder. Edward enjoys spending time with his wonderful girlfriend and daughter in Florence, Kentucky.

edward turner III


He licked his lips as he looked down the long line of people. Just about everyone in that line was attractive -- at least in their own way. He laughed to himself, wondering how much he could really get away with if he put his all into it.

He had one goal, a goal that was a little more than his usual one of licking away or even the quick slurp afforded him when the person was caught by surprise.

He rubbed his hands together. It was hot, sweat was dripping from the bodies of almost everyone in that line, and he was getting the hankering to suck on some toes.

He jumped forward and fell onto the ground next to the line that was nearly an hour wait to get on the roller coaster. A few people jumped, a few others screamed as he starting grabbing feet and licking and sucking every toe that he could get his hands on. A few people were barefoot; most others wore flip flops or sandals. He was in heaven, even as he heard the screams for help and the cries of disgust.

What the hell was disgusting about paradise?

For the minute or two that he was able to suck on those strange toes he was in an ecstasy that no one else understood.

He was finally yanked away from those toes and the people in the line. Rage boiled through him even though it had lasted longer than he had expected. He screamed at the top of his lungs, "Just one more, please just one more! They taste so good!" He met eyes with a few girls in line and yelled, "You girls would let me have a little lick wouldn't you?"

They only screamed complete revulsion back at him.

He hadn't a clue as to why he seemed to be the only one with this violent obsession to suck the toes of total strangers, but it was just as odd to him that no one felt the need to do the same. He might never understand it, but that was quite okay with him...

He turned to the men standing around him and made his move. He pushed one back as hard as he could and kicked another one where the sun didn't shine. The third he twisted around like the best running back the NFL had ever seen. He collapsed back onto the ground in front of the best set of toes he had glimpsed and gathered all of the courage he could muster...

That was when he finally bit down.