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May 5, 2015

Sorry, HORROR GARAGE is closed to fiction submissions until further notice.


We've simplified (hopefully!) the submission process for Garage Grrl photos on the site. Please read the guidelines below VERY CAREFULLY!

1. Models are not required to have any specific "type" of look; we just ask that photos fit in with the HORROR GARAGE theme -- horror, science fiction, retro, whatever. Sexy and fun is cool, nude or explicit photos are NOT.

2. Photos should be in JPG format, RGB color, and 72 dpi.

3. Please include the name you want to use, along with a paragraph of 200 - 300 words telling us about your favorite horror author... or the scariest movie you've ever watched... or the time you saw a ghost... you get the idea.

4. By submitting photos to HORROR GARAGE, you're automatically guaranteeing that you have sufficient rights to allow HORROR GARAGE permission to post the photos, you are giving that permission to HORROR GARAGE, and you're waiving any type of payment for use of the submitted photos on this site.

5. Photos should be emailed to HorrorGarage@aol.com.


HORROR GARAGE doesn't publish music reviews, but you can now submit completed band interviews for possible publication online. Punk, psychobilly, death metal, whatever -- bands from any genre are cool, as long as the music is appropriately DARK. The band's next release should be coming out on a record label we've actually heard of a month or two after the interview is submitted, and the group should regularly tour out of its home state. Be sure to send a link to the band's MySpace page or a promo CD so we can hear what the upcoming release sounds like. We can't pay you, but maybe the band will let ya hang out backstage after a gig...provided you have some cute friends.

Interviews should consist of ten to fifteen questions in Q&A format. Stay away from lame questions like "What are your influences?" -- dig into song lyrics, personal lives, the way people in the band view the world. Please use the full names of band members answering your questions, and include an introductory paragraph of 200 words or so. Don't forget a band photo!


HORROR GARAGE is accepting interviews with horror writers for possible publication online.

Interviews should consist of ten to fifteen questions in Q&A format, and the author should have a book due out shortly from a reputable publishing house. Research your subject thoroughly -- this could be your one chance ever to interview the writer, so MAKE IT GREAT. Be sure to correct grammar, punctuation and spelling before submitting the interview to HORROR GARAGE. Please include an introductory paragraph of 200 words or so, and a photo of the author. Sorry, there's no pay involved.

We're also open to the occasional interview with filmmakers and artists.


Thoroughly-researched, well-written articles about horror, the paranormal, or just plain weird stuff are welcome. Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words, use proper capitalization, be spell checked, etc. -- pretend that you're handing in a paper for school and are going to be graded on it. We can't offer payment, but you'll be able to prove to the world once and for all that you're an expert.


We are not seeking art submissions at this time.