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mina jade

Mina Jade

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I admire each writer of the genre, from Chet Williamson to M. R. James. I love modern day writers like Ed Lee, Bentley Little, or J. A. Konrath, to classic writers or suspense authors, as long as their novels are gory enough. My favorite authors are Stephen King -- how could one not love novels like It, The Shining, or Salem's Lot? -- and H. P. Lovecraft; I prefer his supernatural horror stories like "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward," "The Horror at Red Hook," "The Picture In the House," and "The Lurking Fear" to his cosmic horror stories. I am a Lady Bathory aficionado; she is my favorite historical person, an awesome cruel and disturbed woman she was.

My favorite hobby is hanging on Facebook, finding my favorite authors there, like Chet Williamson or Robert Devereaux... and sometimes pestering them for writerly advice.