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minx addiction

Minx Addiction

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Minxaddiction.com is my personal site. Itís been up and running since 2007, and Iím constantly striving to expand it. It currently features -- as of April 2008 -- over 13,700 photos of me, over 2,400 guest photos, videos, my daily journal, wallpapers, and a ton of other extras.

I like to keep things fun, original, and sexy, so I pose in a wide range of erotica photos and videos -- everything from pinup, dark artistic, latex, corsets, lingerie, girl/girl, to absurd. Some of my favorite photoshoots include me dressing up like a voodoo princess, a sci-fi space girl, a mad artist covered in paint, a waitress decked out in latex, and taking a bubble bath with roller skates on.