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jami deadly

Jami Deadly

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Jami Deadly is a professional blonde bombshell and glamour ghoul! She’s a pinup model, horror host, and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Her look is a pairing of vintage platinum blonde mixed with tongue in cheek scream queen. For the past 10 years, Jami’s been featured in countless retro/gothic magazines (including HORROR GARAGE #12), calendars, and is an originator of the "neo-pinup" model.

You will also find Jami starring in her own T.V. horror hostess show called Deadly Cinema where she host '50's B movies, and get into all sorts of creepy, kooky, ooky situations. Since 2001, she’s been traveling in the U.S. and abroad with her award winning musical tribute show to Marilyn Monroe. This fall, Jami will be making many horror convention appearances with the comic book adaptation of the official Deadly Cinema movie...