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chainsaw sally

Chainsaw Sally

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The character Chainsaw Sally was originally created to promote a live show performed by the theatre group I was in at the time: Jamo Alturnative Theatre. They performed several very original musicals, but by far the most popular was Silver Scream -- a horror-comedy-musical that takes the audience on a journey through horror films history from Nosferatu to more recent slasher flicks. (and which... just F.Y.I, is about to be performed again at Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland in Fall '09!!!!) Since the majority of horror fans fear few things more than the word "musical," writer/director JimmyO Burril and myself co-created the Sally character as a horror hostess to kind of... guide our target audience towards our performances. Eventually, the Chainsaw Sally website branched into other categories -- reviews, downloads... whatever bizarre crap I felt like putting up there -- and quickly grew a fanbase all her own. Very quickly. Surprisingly quickly.

A couple years later, we took Silver Scream to film and discovered we liked it. When we searched for the next movie to make... Chainsaw Sally was the obvious choice. Sally fans had been asking for one for years.