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chainsaw sally

Chainsaw Sally

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Next in line to film is The Chainsaw Sally Show. I'm very excited about this one. We've been on hold with the Sally story for a few years as we tried to find investors for the already written sequel, Chainsaw Sally 2: Bloodkin... we are looking for a higher budget for that one.

Rather than continue to wait, we at Forbidden Pictures are going to start a webcast sitcom: The Chainsaw Sally Show. There will be twelve episodes in the season, free to view from the Chainsaw Sally site, with high-res uncut versions later released in groups of four on DVD.

Our intention with this is to go totally independent. We're not waiting for money, there's no one with a suit involved, no FCC, no ratings, and NO RULES!

The storyline -- much like the film -- is actually more super-dark comedy than it is horror. Granted there will be brutal slayings, cannibalism, and torture, but there will also be a laugh track. Everyone involved in this is very excited and eager to get started. Everyone we describe it to can't wait to see it. I think it's gonna be fantastic.