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chainsaw sally

Chainsaw Sally

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I'm often asked if Gunnar gave me any tips on how to swing the saw, and especially about the "Leatherface dance" that I do before killing the blonde girl in the woods.

Gunnar's role in the film was actually as my father in flashback scenes. So he really acted with "young Sally" -- Lilli Burril. I was on set, of course, but did not share a scene with him.

I pretty much figured out the saw movements myself. The "Leatherface dance"... I picked up on that just fine. What can I say? Must be those years of jazz dance training...

Gunnar did say I did one of the best Leatherface dances he's ever seen. I just know I had a great time doing it. Not many things as exhilarating as dancing and whirling around with a running chainsaw in your hand.